Article Index (’98-’07)


Army Lieutenant Takes Missions Trip to SE Asia
Vietnamese Refugee Advises Military Christians
Military Service: Not Just a Job, It’s a Calling
Charitable Giving: It’s More Than a Tax Break
A Pioneer Missionary Reflects on His Travels to Bosnia
The Spirit of Christmas Lives in Missions
Ultimate Sacrifices Bring Joy in Afghanistan
You Are Called To Be On Mission With God
God Is Working Through the Kosovo Crisis
Testimonies From Around the World Tell an Amazing Story of God at Work
A Brief History of Muslim Civilization
Strategic On-Site Exposure to the 10/40 Window Results in Effective Prayers
Social Healing Comes Through Intercessory Prayer
God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Assignment
What on Earth Is God Doing and Where Do You Fit In?
In the Culture War: How Should We Then Fight?
Why are they Poor? Compassion Leverages Gospel’s Power
Spreading the Gospel Takes Joint Operations
Unity and Purpose Come From the Commander in Chief
Paratrooper Testifies to God’s Leading in His Life
Principle of Tolerable Risk Governs Ministry Opportunities
Lay People Have Always Accomplished the Most in Christian Ministry
New World Orders Always Advance the Plans of God
Kingdoms in Conflict: Radical Islam Collides with the American Way
Shari’a Law Guarantees Special Muslim Version of Human Rights
What Really Is the World’s Fastest Growing Religion?
Despair Distinguishes Bin-Laden’s Religion
Frequently Asked Questions About Islam
A Brief History of Muslim Civilization
New Paradigm for Outreach to Middle Eastern Cultures: Gospel Restores Honor to the Dishonored
Misunderstandings Fan Inter-Cultural Hostilities
Religion IS Relevant to the War on Terror
Music May Be Your Most Persuasive Testimony
Body Languages Constrain Christian Witness
Some Ideas for Building Relationships with Muslims
Religious Conquest: Will it Happen Again?
Who Are Unreached Peoples?
Selective Observation Threatens America’s Legacy
All History Is Ultimately Redemptive
Globalization Challenges Fundamentalist Religions
Most Significant Person of 20th Century was Missionary
Spiritual Warfare Takes Special Operations
Counterfeit Apocalypse Grips Globe
Feedback: Response on Spiritual Warfare
Jesus Liberates Prisoners in Iraq
Deployment Do’s & Don’ts
Response to Presuppositions of Secular Supremacy
Tentmaking: God Resorts to Ingenious Methods
Three Reasons Why Soldier Testimony is Imperative
For Outreach, Multimedia Trumps Literature
Abu Ghraib Has Eternal Implications
Do We Witness to God or Allah?
Praying in Jesus’ Name Like Minefield
Secularism Begins to Copy Islam
Feedback from Chaplain on Mines in Public Prayer
Service Personnel Straddle Culture Gap
Immigration Crisis challenges Values Ranking
Roots of Global War on Terror in Internal Conflict
Cartoons of Prophet Mohmammed: Free Expression Threaten’s House of Cards
Analysis: Time to Talk Religion AND Politics
Truth and Persuasion in Cross Cultural Context
How to Think and Pray for Terrorists
Veterans Make Great Missionaries
Air Force Vet Ministers to Underground Churches
War on Terror Needs Spiritual Offensive
Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer Movement Begins
Can We Love Enemies While Interrogating Them
Whose Islam Will Dominate?

Agency Profiles

Engineer Ministries International (EMI) Connects Talent to Global Needs
ACCTS and ISI Team Up to Reach the World at Our Doorstep
Tentmakers International Exchange Connects Purposeful Professionals
World Vision Orchestrates Thirty Hour Famine
World Relief Helps Refugees
InterServe Sends Servants to the Hardest Places
Greater Europe Mission (GEM) Understands the Unique Complexities of Europe
Strategic Frontiers Targets Strategic Peoples from Strategic Headquarters Location
ACCTS Trains Foreign Military Christians
SAT-7 Christian Television Enthralls Middle Eastern Viewers
International Students Incorporated (ISI) Helps Foreign Students Adjust
Partners International (PI) Helps Third World Missionaries
World Medical Missions Unites Medical Professionals with Short Term Opportunities
Compassion International Lets You Impact the World One Person at a Time
AD2000 and Beyond Movement Mobilizes the Whole Protestant Church to the Whole World
Strategic World Impact Targets the World’s Hot Spots
Educational Services International Integrates Cross-Cultural Ministry with Teaching Professions
Equiping Pators International (EPI) Trains National Pastors
Turkish World Outreach Targets Turk Communities Around the World
Frontiers Specializes on Ministry to Muslims
Christian Aid Mission Helps Strategic Indigenous Ministries
Army Chaplaincy Impacts World
Iranian christians International

People Profiles

Albanians Make Headlines
Vietnam: It’s More Than a Country, It’s a Homeland
The Hazara People of Afghanistan Are at a Crossroads
Maldive Islanders Are All Shook Up
Refugees Present a Challenge
The Karen People of Burma Proclaim Jesus to Southeast Asia
Hmong People in Vietnam Respond to Gospel Radio
The Turk of Turkey
An Arab Shares His Personal Testimony
The Arabian Penninsula Has Some Stragegic Vulnerabilities
Han Chinese Dominate Communist China
Blue Nile Tribes in Southern Sudan Have Supplied Slave Traders for Centuries
Mozambique Holds Southern Africa’s Least Reached Peoples
The Nation of Medes and Persians Is Still Divided
Somali People Need Unity and Peace of Christ
Kygyz Church Grows Nine Fold in Nine Years
Asians Are the Church’s Biggest Challenge
Japanese Have Superstitious Roots
Civilizations Converge in the Balkans
Ministry and Spiritual Facts on Turkey
Egypt and the Persian Gulf Spiritual Summary and Ministry Contacts
Afghanistan’s Spiritual Landscape
Cultural and Spiritual Landscape of Transcaucasia
Spiritual Landscape of the Philippines
Spiritual Landscape of Iraq
Spiritual Conditions in North Korea
Spiritual Landscape of Liberia
Update for Afghanistan
Spiritual Landscape of Mauritania
Spiritual Landscape of Pakistan
Spiritual Landscape of Sudan
Spiritual Landscape of Iran
Dagestan: Al-Qaida Hunts New Home
Africa: Millions of Muslims Convert Amidst Hardships
Iran: Land of Religious and Ethnic Diversity
Opinion Survey of British Muslims
Morning Star Development in Afghanistan

Resource Reviews

Muslim CD Rom Equips Those Traveling to Muslim Lands
Compass Direct Provides Missions Related News
Videos: Caleb Project Offers Kids Around the World Videos
Reference Book: Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) Provides Languages of the WorldEthnologue
Handbook Guides You to Life Changing Short Term Missions Encounters
Video: New Video Documents a Hope and Future for Bosnia
Booklet: Pray Guides for Ramadan Support Christmas Time Focus
Prayer Guides: Books on Vietnamese and Central Asian Peoples
Book: The Church Is Bigger Than You Think
Book: The Move of the Holy Spirit in the 10/40 Window
Book: Praying Through the Nations of the 10/40 Window
Video: Turkish World Outreach Documents Complex Dimensions of Turkey
Operation Reveille Offers Digital Kosovo Intelligence Folder
Book: Robert Hussein Tells His Gripping Story of Conversion in Kuwait
Videos: Far East Broadcasting (FEBC) Produces Multi-Media Windows on Asia
Prayer Guide: Asian Minorities Outreach PublishesFaces of the Unreached in Laos
Video: International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church Produces Extraordinary Video Magazine
Booklet: Operation Reveille Produces TDY and Deployment Handbook
Book: Caleb Project Produces Manual for Prayer Journies
World Christian MagazineMobilizes Christians to Finish the Great Commission
Book: Tom Steffan AuthorsBusiness as Usual in the Missions Enterprise
Book:God in the CornersWill Give You Some Suspense Filled Devotions
Curriculum: Caleb Project Provides Curriculum to Help Kids Love the Nations
Discipling the Nations Is an Invaluable Book for Peacekeepers
Prayer Guides Will Help You Understand Muslims During the Fasting Month of Ramadan
Praying Through Turkey: An Intercessors Guide to an Ancient and Needy Land
CD-Rom of Resources for Understanding Islam
Global Ministry Mapping System Tickles the Imagination and the Military Mind
Praise and Worship CD Benefits Sudan
JESUS Film Passes Milestones
New Curriculum Teaches Youth about Faith and Persecution
Freely Subscribe to Mission Frontiers Magazine
Balkan Peninsula Spiritual Intel Fact Sheet
Global Mapping International Offers CD-Rom on Unreached People Groups
Best Missionary Newsletter from Voice of the Martyrs is Free
WayMakers Provides Booklets to Help with Prayer Walking
Book on the Prophets as Gift for Mid-East Seekers
Video documents Planet’s Bloodiest Fight for Freedom
Book on Honor and Shame Opens Muslim Doors
Ramadan 2001 Prayer Guide
Operation WorldPuts Globe in Praying Hands
Thirty-Days Muslim Prayer Focus, 10th Anniversary
Operation Reveille on CD-Rom
Daughters of Islam: Building Bridges with Muslim Women
What Happened to Christianity Under Islam
CD-Rom on Islam
Book Review,The Sword of the Prophet
Special Deals for Military on Audio-Visual Outreach Materials
Guide for Evangelism on the Web
EMIS Offers Articles on Reaching North American Muslims
Guide for Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula
Bible Study Guide on Missions Themes
Bible Download in 14 Languages
Bibliography of Books on Islam
Book Review: Terror and Liberalism Reveals Paradigm of Rebellion
Book Review: Gracia Burnham Tells of Jihad in the Philippines
Book Review:Song of Saigon
Film Review:Tears of the Sun
Guidebook for Getting Your Church Involved in Missions
Send Me: Your Journey to the Nations
Cat and Dog Theology: Insights on Man-God Relations
The Next ChristendomForcasts from Trends
News/Prayer Alerts on the 10/40 Window from CIN
Holocaust in Rwanda Has Lessons for Elsewhere
Learn About Islam in 14 Pages
Book Review:Reading Lolita in Tehran
International Bible Correspondence Course
Free JESUS Videos
Ramadan Prayer Guide 2005
Kingdom of HeavenSkews Crusades
Understand My Muslim People
A Parable in Bosnian and English Language
MomentumWeb Based Missions Magazine
End of Spear Movie Addresses Terrorism
OpRev Creates MUltiMedia on Conflict in Islam
Audio Tapes and CD’s in Baghdadi Arabic
Better Books on Islam
Doomsday Prophecies Impact Modern Muslims
Bible Study Curriculum Predicts Missionary Future
DVD Links Radical Muslims with Nazi-Like Antisemitism
Web Site for Kurdish Materials
Book on Arab Testimonies
Developing Islamic Democracy
Conspiring to change the World from Sarajevo
Audio Visual of Naaman Consult 06
Handbook for Spriritual Care for PTSD
Help for PTSD from Campus Crusade
Whose Writing on Islam Reflects Reality?
Bible Based Religion Sweeps Globe
Baghdad Believer

Web Site Reviews

Open Doors on Religious Persecution
Bosnian City Evangelism Profilses
The Christian Missions Homepage
Web Evangelism Guide
World Pulseon World Missions
Missions Mobilization Database
Kosovo Intelligence Folder On-Line Links To Opportunities
GoYe.Com Lists Agencies and Opportunities
Virtual Prayer Journeys for Disasters
CBS Angel Show Inspires Web Site for Coordinating Sudan Relief
Foreign Languag Christian Resources
Religious Freedom Commission Official Site
Information and Dialog on Islam
Site Reveals State of World Evangelization
Clicking This Site Sends Scriptures to Persecuted Christians
Use the HarvestLogos.Com On-Line Bookstore
A New Map Every Week from GMI for Free Download
The Net’s Largest Directory of Overseas Christian Orphanages
Muslims Tell, “Why I Chose Jesus”
Data on Unreached People Groups
Videos on Afghanistan
Gospel Broadcasting Database of Languages
Connecting to Missions in Hard Areas


Finishers Project Helps Early Retirees Remain Significant
Interaction ’98 Helps Military Fellowships and Challenges Leaders From Around the World
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Prayer Journey to Turkey Planned for Fall 1999Hurricane Mitch Challenges You Through Relief Organizations
Friends of Bosnia Conference Held in Washington D.C.
Operation Lord-Over-All Breakfast Briefing Series Commences
Macedonian Project Provides Small Unit Leadership Training
Frontiers Puts People on the Frontlines
Pioneers Puts People on the Cutting Edge
List of Relief Agencies Working on the Kosove Crisis
List of Evangelistic Agencies Working on the Kosovo Crisis
Experienced Volunteers Are Needed to Help with the Kosovo Crisis
Second Career and Short Term Challenges Are Offered by EMI and Pioneers
Support Operation Reveille and Get Outstanding Phone Service
You Can Influence Leadership in Mongolia
Thirty Days Prayer For Muslims During the Fast Month of Ramadan
Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Your Giving Can Stabilize a Village in Bosnia
You Can Support Operation Reveille Through Your Long Distance Telephone Bills
Training on Islam is Coming to a Location Near You
HomeSpun International Craft Fairs Help Unreached Peoples
Summer Short Term Trips for Year 2000
Musim Studies Training Programs
Second Career Planning Conference
David’s Pouch Helps Blue Nile Sudanese Children
Sightsee in Modern Turkey and Help Plant an International Church
ACCTS Is Looking to Add Staff
Short Term Volunteers Wanted for Relief in Nicaragua, Honduras and Refugee Resettlement
Mission Frontiers Reveals State of Global Evangelization
Join 20,000 at IVCF’s Urbana Missions Conference This New Years
Take This Unique Course on the Bible, History, Theology, and Sociology to Revitalize Your Life
Macedonian Project Offers Short Term Trips and Small Unit Leadership Training
Join a Caleb Research Team to Reconnoiter India or China
Join the Ramadan Prayer Focus
Join the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Partners International Provides Catalog of Christmas Gifts
Asia Center in Thailand Is Looking for Retired Military for Travel Team Staff
ACCTS Needs Native English Speakers for a Summer Camp in the Ukraine
Muslim Studies Training Programs for 2001
GEO Online Links Subject Matter Experts with Minsitry Needs
E-mail Pen Pals in Turkey
Through Christian Aid Respond to Horror in the Moluccas
Prayer Walking Book Will Help You Have an Eternal Impact Overseas
Consultation on Ministry to Refugees
Perspectives on the World of Islam Course
Prayer Net for Afghanistan
Pray Through the 10/40 Window
Pray for Muslims During Ramadan
Help Persecuted Christians in Afghanistan
Muslim Studies Training Programs in 2003
Volunteer Teachers Needed in Northern Iraq
Pen-Pals Needed for Turkish Youth
Urbana 2003 Missions Conference
Help Christians in Iraq
Muslim Studies Training Programs for 2004
Bring Smiles to Iraqi Children through Service Personnel
Attend/Support World Conference for Military Christians
World Relief Ministry Redeems Image in Iraq
Delegates for AMCF Conference Need Help
Mid-East Media Competes in Strategic Market
Frontiers Mobilizes Rapid Reaction Teams
Zwemer Institute of Muslim Studies
Retire into Missions through Finisher’s Project
Muslim Studies Intensive Courses Summer 2005
Conference on Ministry in Afghanistan
Earthquake Relief in Pakistan
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Crash Courses in Islam for Summer 2006
Urbana 06 Is Calling
Help Ship New Testaments to Turks
Tax Funded Language Learning Tools
Veterans in Missions Network Begins
Send Bibles to Closed Countries

News and Needs

Religious Convictions Slant the Arms Race Between Pakistan and India
Bible Smuggling Makes Adreneline Flow
Confusion and Opportunity in Indonesia
Ministry Team in Bosnia Needs Help
Rising Fundamentalism Fuels Persecution in India
Sudan’s Nuba People Are Under Siege
A Missionary Reports From Albania
Prayer is Social Action for Kosovo Refugees
Saudi Prince Dedicates Mosque in Los Angeles
Testimony of a Teenage Martyr
Perspective on Y2K
Egyptian Inquisition
The Bible in Modern Turkish
Things Are Heating Up in India
Churches Unite in Kosovo
Bible Translation Needed in Bosnia
Jubilee Campaign Helps Chemical Warfare Victims in Iraq
Friendship of an American Family Helps with Recovery in Bosnia
Filipinos Are Taking the Gospel to Saudi Arabia
Some Filipinos Are Being Deported from Saudi Arabia
International Pressure Frees Christians Persecuted in the Maldive Islands
Bibles Are Inserted into North Korea by Air, Land, and Sea
Christian Solidarity Worldwide Redeems Slaves in Sudan
World Exposure Gives Perspective on Y2K Predictions
Open Doors Releases Worldwide Persecution List
World Prayer Center Coordinates Spiritual Air Power
Rev. Bill Waldrop to Brief Situation for Operation Lord-Over-All
Refugees Are Meeting Christ in Austria
Albanian Bible Institute Helps Out in the Kosovo Crisis
Missionaries in Eastern Europe Are Affected by the Kosovo Crisis
Highlights on Ministry Occurring As a Result of the Kosovo Crisis
Most Evangelical Christians Are Driven from Kosovo
A Nurse Reports on Kosovo Refugee Camp Conditions
Mission to Unreached Peoples Begins New Mercy Ministry
Wells of Life Reports From Albania
Religious Liberty Commission Begins
Turkey Gets Shaken by an Earthquake at a Critical Spritual Time
The Gospel Light Is Entering Mongolia
Does Advocacy Really Work?
Faith Plays a Key Role in the Crisis in East Timor
Naaman Initiative for Muslims Begins
Religious Persecution Signals Future Troubles
The Church in China Flourishes After Fifty Years of Communist Oppression
CBS Touched By An Angel Touches the Sudan
Mission Agencies Need Laborers in Kosovo
Indonesia’s Decline into Anarchy Has Important Lessons for All Nations
Genocidal Attrocities Meet Good Samaritan Resistance in the Sudan
World Releif Honors the Heroism of Albanian Christians
House Approval of Most Favored Trade Status for China Has Implications
Turkmenistan Confiscates Bibles
Reliable Agencies Report Miracles Are Happening Around the World
Pioneers Prayer Team Reconnoiters North Korea
Egypt Persecutes Coptic Christians
Pioneers Shows Jesus Film in Kosovo Theater
Expulsions of Missionaries from Russia Are Rising
Church Planting Movements Exceed Wildest Dreams
Silk Road Becomes Gospel Highway in Central Asia
“Holy War” Engulfs Ambon, Indonesia
Police in Nepal Inadvertently Save an Indian Ministry Team
Holistic Ministry is a Wise Investment in Northern Iraq
India Earthquake Spares Ministry Team
WyCliffe Dinner Theater Presents Life Changing Story
Japanese Pastor Traces Salvation to International Friendship
Turkish Protestant Church Gets Legal Status
Gospel Broadcasting Begins in Serbia
Reconciliation Walk Retraces the Steps of the Crusaders
Kurd Gives Testimony of an Amazing Salvation Experience
French Senate Passes Anti-Sect Bill Affecting Evangelical Ministries
Macedonian Refugees Are Helped by a Local Ministry
Undercover Christians Face Paranoia in China
Evangelical Seminary in Jordan Struggles to Stay Open
Saudi Arabia Raids Homes, Arrests Expatriates for Christian Worship
Pakistan Limits Free Expression: Insulting Mohammed is Capital Crime
Agenda to Spread Shari’a Law Manifested in Nigeria
Taliban Trained Radical Muslims Cleanse Central Sulawesi
Some Indonesian Christians Rescued from Taliban Trained Radical Muslims
Mass Conversions of Hindu Dalits in India
Modern Turkish Language Bible Released
Religious Tension Rises in Georgia
Can Peace Process Succeed in Sudan
Nigeria Riot Media Coverage Avoids Hard Subjects
Media Shuts Eyes to Real Story in the Ivory Coast
Bali Bombing Exposes True Ambitions of Fundamental Muslims in Indonesia
Yemen Mourns and Missionaries Forgive
Jordanian Widow Struggles to Keep Kids
Dana Curry Details God’s Work in Afghanistan
Extremists Shame Indonesian Muslims
SARS Epidemic Rattles Chinese Spirits
Violence Increases Against Colombian Christians
Pakisatani Christian Gets Life Sentence for Blasphemy
Dubai Court Slaps Pastor for Proselytizing
Iraq Christians Face Rising Oppression
Saudi Authorities Jail Men for Christian Activities
TimeMagazine Exposes Tentmaking Strategies
Shari’a Law Affects Christians in War-Torn Aceh, Indonesia
Meteor Foils Persecution Attack in India
Militants Attack Christian Villages in Nigeria
Nigerian Local Council Bans Christian Worship
Egypt’s Muslims Are Denied Freedom of Conscience
Declaration by the Christian Converts of Egypt
Pray for Warrior Leaders of Afghanistan
Assyrian Remnant in Iraq Fears Extermination
Church Planting Vision for Iraq Becomes a Reality
Chinese Christians Will Change the World
Indian Election Stolen from Thought Police
Gibson’s Passion Movie Breaks Through In Mid-East
Malaysian Court Discriminates Against Malays
Military Christian Fellowships Grow Overseas
Uzbeks Rush to Christ in Hardship
Tsunami Brings Epic Changes to Islam in Indonesia
Feedback: Letter from an Expatriate Friend in Aceh
Iraq Needs Religious Freedom Too
Province in Austrailia Experiments with Religious Tolerance
United Nations Human Rights Commission Protects Islam
Christian Jordanian Widow Wins Custody Battle
President Names Radical Islam as Enemy
Characteristics of the World’s Largest Churches
Minorities Are Persecuted in Iran
Interview with a Tsunami Relief Worker
End of Spear Movie Speaks to Muslims
House Church Leader Oppressed in Iran
Apostasy Case Lights Fuse in Afghanistan
Radical Christians Take Consolation in Rosie’s Comparison
Pope Inflames Muslims and How Should Christians Respond
Air Force Chapel Conducts Real World Missions
Bosnia and Herzegovina Threatened by Islamization
Persecution of Christians Intensifies
Gospel Fruit in Iraq and Afghanistan
Thailand & Indonesia Appeasing Islamists with Shari’a
Saudi Muslims Celebrate Christmas
Big Challenge From Islam Is Not Arab
Muslim Conversion Statistics
African Christians Lead in PTSD Ministry
German Seminary Investigates Malatya Turkey Martyrs
African Church Leader Calls for Partnerships
The Battle For Pakistan Begins
South Korea Bans Missionaries from Afghanistan