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Major Afghan Peoples
Situation Summary

After Cain slew his brother the Bible says he traveled east of Eden to the land of wandering where he built a city. Legend says that land was Afghanistan, and that city was Kabul.

Whether or not Cain really founded Kabul, the murderous spirit of Cain is surely alive and well in modern Afghanistan where Uzbek, Tajik, Pashtun, Hazara, and Turkmen tribes are at war with each other and the world.

In the forward to a book by George Otis titled The Last of the Giants, David Aikman, once a correspondent for Time magazine, writes, "some of the world's most intractable problems may be due at least partly to spiritual forces behind the scenes rather than merely the obvious overt factors such as geography, history, and political conditions."

Politicians, economists, and sociologists blame Jihad against America on national policies, economic disparities, and social injustices. They advocate addressing terrorism by addressing these supposed root causes, but they are mistaken. Poor and oppressed populations rarely resort to terrorism. Oppressive systems like racism in America, colonialism in India, and even Communism in Eastern Europe inspired civil disobedience, but they never led to terrorism.

The terrorism spawned from Afghanistan has a spiritual cause and it requires a spiritual solution. National leaders are only partially correct. Our struggle is not against Islam. Our struggle is not against terrorists either. In this case, "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against . . . the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (Eph. 6:12).

The murderous spirit of Cain has always riddled Islam. Muhammad himself killed off his opponents. Many who aspired to follow in his footsteps including the founder of the Shiite sect were assassinated. The very word "assassin" derives from the sect of Islam known for smoking hashish.

Islam is also riddled with the spirit of anti-Christ (1Jn. 2:22), which denies Jesus is God and oppresses all attempts to get people to follow him as Lord. In Afghanistan converts to Christ from Islam are killed and relief workers with copies of the Jesus video on their computers have been arrested.

Afghanistan is the largest country on earth which has never knowingly admitted Christian missionaries. It has over 48,000 mosques and not a single church. That may be changing.

The number of Afghans following Christ in refugee camps is steadily growing. Christian Aid Mission reports that Pashtun believer Nawas Khan met Christ among native Christians in Pakistan from where he had to flee again because of his dynamic witness. Many refugees have joined churches in India and Kyrgystan. Abdul Matin serves Christ among Afghan refugees in Hong Kong, where he came by way of Pakistan and China.

Of believers who've returned to Afghanistan, few have survived. Hussein Attish was killed by family members. Mohammad Anwar was also killed, but not before influencing his younger brother to follow Jesus.

An extraordinary reconstruction window of opportunity is opening. The refugees will be streaming back. Relief and development workers and aid programs will have un-precedented ministry freedom. The strategic highland between China, Pakistan, Persia, and the central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union will become a place of blessing instead of cursing.

Afghan Peoples

Status of Scriptures and JESUS film for Major Afghan Peoples
People Group Language/Dialects Population Scriptures JESUS Film
Pushtun (Pathan) Pashto, Paktu 11 million Bible audio, film & video
Tajik Dari 4.2 million Bible audio, film & video
Hazara Hazaragi 1.8 million Bible none
Uzbek Uzbeki 1.8 million Bible audio & video
Aimaq (Berberi)
Zohri, Taimuri, Firozhoi
Jamshidi, Taimani
1.5 million N.T. film & video
Persian Farsi 829,000 Bible film & video
Turkmen Turkoman 572,000 Bible audio, film & video
Baluch Balochi 285,000 portions film & video
Brahu Brahui 283,000 portions film & video
Pashayi (Pashai) Pashayi 159,000 none none
Hindi Hindi 115,000 Bible film & video
Punjab Punjabi, Lahnda 26,000 portions audio, film & video
over 40 minor tribes many languages 415,000 various stages various stages

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Resource Contact Information
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JESUS Film, Videos & audio tapes 1-800-560-8713 www.jesusfilm.com
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Scriptures in Afghan languages:
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Christian Books in Afghan languages:
Multi-Language Media


Web Site for Afghan believers - http://afghan-believers.tripod.com
Detailed Info on Afghan languages - www.sil.org/ethnologue/countries/Afgh.html
secular directory on Afghanistan - www.afghanland.com
Prayer Journey Resources 1-512-419-7729 www.waymakers.org

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Agency Contact Information
Agency ministry Phone Number Web Site
Strategic Frontiers evangelism & church planting 1-719-527-9495 www.sfcos.org
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InterServe places relief & development workers 1-800-809-4440 www.InterServe.org
International Teams places relief & development workers 1-800-323-0428 www.ITeams.org
International Foundation of Hope relief & development 1-719-226-5110 www.IFHope.org
World Concern refugee relief 1-800-755-5022 www.WorldConcern.org

Spiritual Situation Summary Continued

Afghan Refugees Respond to Christian Love
from Christian Aid Mission's Insider Report for Oct. 23, 2001

It's almost unbelievable," said Daoud Abdullah, after he had fled from Afghanistan to escape the continual warfare there.

"All of our lives we have been told that Christians were our enemies," he continued. "But when we came out with nothing but what we could carry, these Christians were the only ones who helped us."

Abdullah was talking to a native missionary in the country to which he had gone with three other members of his family. The missionary serves with a ministry which assists Afghan refugees with financial help from Christian Aid Mission.

"At first I was puzzled why you would do this," Daoud said. "I thought you must have some hidden motive. But now I have learned it's because you believe that Jesus Christ gave his life for you, and that makes you want to give your life for others.

Your donation helps provide this free information to military Christians. "We have always believed that Jesus never died. According to the Koran, God would not allow evil men to kill his holy prophet, so Jesus was taken up to heaven and some other man was crucified instead. But now I have seen in the Book that God did allow Jesus to be crucified and then raised him from the dead. So now I can understand how someone who believes Jesus died for him would be willing to give his own life to help others who are in need."

Daoud Abdullah has also learned what true Christians are. Before he thought that all Europeans and Americans were Christians, just as Afghans and Arabs are Muslims. Now he understands it's not a matter of nationality, but of personal faith. Among the 3.5 million Afghans now living outside their country, he is typical of several thousand who have gained an entirely new perspective concerning Christ, the Bible and what it means to be a Christian.

"When we go back," he says, "we are going to make sure that Christians are welcome to live and worship inside Afghanistan."