Bible Study

Study Title

Perspectives on the Brave New World


This study will help Christians understand what God is doing in the world today from an historical perspective—past, present, and future. In so doing, students will learn how their lives fit into God’s plan and agenda for reaching the people of the world and how best to invest their time and resources towards that end.

Study Outline

The study is comprised of 6 parts.

  • PART 1 – What God is Doing introduces God’s agenda for the world as revealed in the Bible, history and current events.
  • PART 2 – Situation Report explores the status of God’s agenda and the situation of the world today. This part also includes a supplement titled Kingdoms in Conflict which describes what happens when radical Islam collides with “The American Way”.
  • PART 3 – Objective reviews the decrees of God in relation to acheiving His objective for history and the present world order.
  • PART 4 – Strategy discusses strategic and tactical considerations for partnering with God.
  • PART 5 – Resources tackles logistical considerations and shows how resources are integrated into our partnership with God and others engaged in the great commission.
  • PART 6 – Action Steps suggests courses of action that are tailored for each individual situation.


All the materials for the study can be downloaded here for free. Please consider making a donation to Operation Reveille.